Flute Summer School 2024

Applications are now open for Summer School at CIM in Cookham, Berkshire for 2024. Please find all the details here - including links to the booking form .

Flute Summer School 2024

Here are the dates for the Flute Summer School 2024 - Thursday 1st August to Sunday 4th August. Arriving in Berkshire mid-morning on 1st August and departing at lunch-time on 4th August. More information will be available by Easter - if you are on the current mailing list, you will receive all the details automatically. Your patience is appreciated.

New plans for Summer School 2024

 Watch this space for more information on venues, dates and how to apply to Summer School 2024.

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Drawing from Summer School 2023

 "Draw a picture of an animal from the repertoire, with your instrument." Pictures from Cornelia, Lara, Sarah, Melkorka and Eyrun. I thought a turtle dove was a bird, but maybe I am wrong?

Poem's from Summer School 2023

Summer School was very cool, but I went in the swimming pool, with a splish splash and a clap.     Liyanna In contrast... I went to Suzuki Summer School, I think that it was pretty cool, But I didn't go in the swimming pool.     Benjy I came to Great Malvern to play the flute, I didn't realise it would be such a hoot, I came with my dad, which wasn't that bad and I got a yellow t-shirt to boot.     Lottie My experience of Summer School, has been a lovely time. Learning songs in performances, learning every line.     Amber I don't want Suzuki camp to end, Because I have made new musical friends, But I must not despair, it's only a year, Till we all play together again.     Sarah